Schedule of the workshop


Workshop activities

The aim of this full-day workshop is to provide a forum to share and learn about recent research on requirements for artificial agents’ explanations as well as the implementation of transparent, predictable and explainable robotic systems. Extended time for discussions will highlight and document promising approaches and encourage further work. A large part of this effort is to bring together a community of researchers, strengthen existing connections, and build new ones.

The morning session will cover invited talks from Rachid Alami, Joanna Bryson, Bradley Hayes, and Alessandra Sciutti, as well as short presentations by authors of accepted papers, followed by general discussion.

The afternoon will be devoted to break-out sessions to discuss the next steps in research and development of explainable and transparent robotic systems. Groups will be composed of representatives of different disciplines in order to work on integrating the multiple necessary perspectives in this endeavor. To boost the discussions, we will ask presenters to prepare questions or raise pressing issues that provide starting points for the discussion groups.